What the Most Recent Instagram Algorithm Update Connotes for Your Business

Instagram is an influential marketing platform. Whether it’s going to a website, following the brand on the platform, or directly buying something, after viewing an Instagram post, around 75% of users take some sort of action.

It’s becoming difficult for companies to use Instagram as a cost-effective marketing tool in spite of it’s ability to connect with customers. The Good Marketer is sure that it’s essential to remain on top of the latest updates whether you’re going it alone or deliberating on using a Social Media Agency to assist you in directing these changes.

A mixture of factors that determine the order of the content that the user views on their feed is the Instagram algorithm. The platform reveals that its updates (both new changes to the algorithm and changes to Stories and Reels features) are about getting improved user experience.

In a tell-all blog post that the platform wants, Adam Moressi, the CEO of Instagram said

“to make the most of your time, and we believe that using technology to personalize your experience is the best way to do that.”

Regardless, these changes are also making it harder for businesses to make an impression without paying for ads.

Let’s see how these changes influence your business’s ability to get to your audience and what can be done about them.

What’s Changing?

The option to choose a ‘following’ or a ‘favorites’ feed is a latest change in the feed. The rumored changes to the dimensions of still image posts is also included. Whilst users now have lots of options for how they see content in their feed, the lion’s share of your audience is likely still seeing the default feed.

Possibly the largest latest change disclosed by Moressi was the turning trends of ranking to original content.

“If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you’re re-sharing something you found from someone else. We’re going to do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to re-posted content”, Moressi said in a public statement.

This change takes place in the context of a platform that had already began giving precedence to more reactive video content appearing as reels. Instagram has advanced to a slightly refined, perfected new feed with lesser recurrent posts from numerous users in competition with TikTok for user attention.

It is also rumored that to fill the screen in like ways to reel, Instagram is trying out changing the dimensions of still image posts.

For content creators and business owners in the App, this would be a radical change. Instagram is rumored to be including a blurred border for images that do not match their new dimensions though you may still be able to post square images.

Not just could this border effect wreck your aesthetic, but it is also probable that  in the news feed, more portrait images will be prioritized by the algorithm.

Organically Growing Your Business 

Over the last couple of years, the changes made to the Instagram algorithm have made it more difficult for businesses to grow organically.

Constantly posting original content can look like an imposition. But, it does connote that if you make the effort to create an original infographic, for example, you should be compensated by getting your post ranked higher than someone who is re-posting same infographic.

Carefully creating a variety of content that touches all angles of your business has never been more crucial. From products in the making to reels detailing how to use it, consumers want to view the true business; not only the storefront, Instagram should provide a 360 view of your business.

Shifting Your Strategy

The Instagram algorithm update is making it harder for businesses to contact their followers. But your brand can still increase its audience and extend engagement with the platform’s newest features and with some careful marketing.

To do this, first, you’ll have to concentrate on making high-quality content. This can be done by using Reels and Stories to test with all sorts of original content. To get the attention of someone in their feed, Reels are an essential factor; they’re crucially another type of advertising that lets you feature a series of products.

If you have the resources ready or know someone who does (like an influencer), contemplate featuring their videos on your own channel or even working closely because IGTV has also unwrapped new chances for brands looking at video content creation

These changes may seem challenging but you should see progress on the platform if you don’t stop posting quality content and engaging with your audience.

Instagram wants to provide content creators and small businesses the best chances to get their content seen so know that you’re not solo.







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