These DIY Exfoliating Scrubs Will Leave Your Skin Radiant and Healthy

Scrub! Scrub!! Scrub!!!

And when I say Scrub, I mean exfoliating body scrub.

Yea. I’ll be giving you a lesson on how I make my body scrubs.

Sincerely, for a while now, I stopped making use of my DIY exfoliating body scrubs and I regret taking a pause. My skin feels so dry, like no moisture at all, the shine’s dim, not as bright as it used to be when I exfoliate.

And with all these, thoughts of shopping for the ingredients of my DIY scrub and starting the journey all over again have been flooding my mind lately.

First off, I’ll be explaining to you what EXFOLIATING SCRUB is.

What Does It Mean To Exfoliate?

To exfoliate means to scrub or rather wash a section or whole of the body with a coarse-grain substance to get rid of dead skin cells.

What Is a Scrub? It is a corrective mixture applied to the face or body to restore the skin. It is usually semi-coarse in texture.You should know that there are different kinds of scrubs for different parts of the body. We have a body scrub, face scrub, underarm scrub, foot scrub, and so on. However, I would be concentrating on Body scrubs.

Why I Should Exfoliate?

Exfoliating your body from time to time has lots of benefits:

  •  It removes dead cells from your skin giving way for new skin cells to rise.
  •  It cleanses the skin of contaminants/dirt.
  •  It improves the appearance of the skin by restoring its glow.
  • It delays aging.
  • It helps your body cream or moisturizer be more effective. When you exfoliate, your pores unclog, allowing deep penetration of your body cream or moisturizer when applied.

How Frequently Should I Exfoliate?

One or Twice a week will do.

Exfoliating your skin can cause inflammation and dehydration of the skin.

If you have dry skin, it’s advisable to exfoliate once a week. On the contrary, if your skin is hydrated, exfoliating twice a week will do.

And dear, if you’re confused about your skin type (dry or hydrated), make sure to see a Dermatologist for proper and safe recommendations.


This scrub will provide glow and shine to your skin. It brightens and lightens dark spots bettering general skin tone.

This is the first DIY body scrub I tried and it soothed my skin. After continuous use, approximately 3 weeks, there was a visible change on my skin. My skin lightened, dark spots were fading, my skin felt soft, and the radiation on my skin was what excited me the most.

So when I say you can never go wrong with this body scrub, do not doubt.


  • Tumeric powder
  • Brown Sugar
  • Honey
  • Almond oil or Olive oil
  • Vitamin E oil (as preservative)
  • Vanilla essence or any flavor of your choice (optional)


  1. Pour brown sugar into a clean boil.
  2. Add 2 or 3 teaspoonfuls of turmeric powder and thoroughly mix with a spatula.
  3. Pour in 4 tablespoons of your almond oil.
  4. Add 3 capsules of vitamin e oil.
  5. Add 5 – 6 tsp of honey or as much as is required.
  6. Don’t forget to add a drop of a teaspoon of vanilla essence, then stir vigorously.
  7. Transfer to an airtight container and store at room temperature.

Note: Be careful not to add excess turmeric. Also, use the scrub only at night before bed or in the daytime when you’re sure you won’t be going out.

This is because turmeric leaves stains on clothes even after you’ve rinsed the scrub off your body. Just make sure to put on clothing you do not like anymore whenever it’s your ‘scrub day‘.


Brown sugar is milder on the skin than granulated (white) sugar and sea salt. For this reason, brown sugar is considered perfect for sensitive skin.

Brown sugar is also readily available and low-priced. You don’t have to spend so much money and time getting the ingredients to make this scrub.


  • 1/2 cup of brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup oil of your choice (Grapeseed, Almond, Olive)
  • essential oils such as Lavender or Rosemary oil (optional)


  1. In a big mixing bowl, pour in sugar and oil.
  2. Add essential oil of your choice and mix thoroughly.
  3. You can add in more sugar or oil till you get desired thickness or texture you want.
  4. Transfer to an airtight container.

Note: The sugar granules might get your skin feeling gummy, so after exfoliating, make sure to wash off well.


Oatmeal leaves the skin smooth and healthy by removing dead skin cells and restoring irritated skin.


  • Oatmeal (not cooked)
  • Raw Honey
  • Brown sugar
  • 2 drops of jojoba oil
  • 3 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops of vitamin e oil


  • Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and ensure to mix properly to form a grainy paste.
  • Spoon into a container.


This scrub helps in clearing skin cellulite and well as leaving your skin rejuvenated all day.


  • Ground Coffee
  • 3 tsp Olive oil
  • 4 tsp Coconut oil
  • Brown sugar


Mix all ingredients till you get a paste with good consistency and put it in a sealed jar.


This scrub holds harsh and anti-bacterial features.

Because of its abrasiveness, it is not recommended for individuals with sensitive and irritated skin.

This scrub will leave your skin glowing and moisturized.


  • Mineral sea salt
  • Honey
  • 1 Avocado
  • Almond oil or any oil of  your choice
  • Jojoba oil


  1. Pour salt into a bowl.
  2. In a separate bowl, mash the avocado flesh and mix properly with honey.
  3. Add the avocado and honey mixture to salt.
  4. Add other ingredients and stir thoroughly.
  5. Spoon into a well-closed container.

Note: Sea salt is a natural preservative. So, no worries, this scrub will preserve itself.

How To Apply Exfoliating Scrubs

Exfoliating scrubs are to be applied on damp skin.

When you’re done taking your regular bath with soap and water, while your body is still wet after rinsing out the soap, apply your exfoliating scrub all over your body using your fingers.

With your palm, rub your body with the scrub.

Leave it on your skin for 5-10 minutes before rinsing out with warm water.


The scrubs listed above should only be applied to the rest of the body but your face.

Facial scrubs are different because the face is a very delicate part of the body and should be treated with tenderness.

Also, before adding essential oil to your mix, test a small area of your skin to observe if your skin is sensitive/ allergic to the oil.

In addition, do not apply these body scrubs on irritated skin or open wounded skin