Promoting a Podcast – Specifications, Concepts, and Tips

Although, it’s not as workable as it seems, it’s no lie that high-grade contents surely help to boost the audience. We’ll be giving you a deep awareness into podcast promotion in this article.

When promoting Podcasts, regard the following:

Adding promotional planning into your work flow from day one is mostly ideal. There are several accessible designs of promotional types and ideas. Just look out for strategies that best fits your show.

The listed are specific notions and methods that should come off on your specification:

Retain your guest

Disseminating awareness to your audience is the primary idea of promotion. For that one time the date gets communicated, your podcast guests can be large sponsors — even while the podcast episode gets live.

By sending featured personals an email, you can ask them to share it all over their social media channels. It is a highly effective way of promoting your podcast. Invite guests as well that are friendlier among your target audience. This is because their promotional influence will be more effective.

Remember your existing audience

It is vital to understand the kind of audience you wish to target since all this promotional sweat is about acquiring audiences. Also think about your rules. Cogitate on what is more than increase in traffic and general downloads. There are specific promotional ways that are suitable for your present customers. You can get potential audiences this way.

Calls for action

Podcasters tend to make two simple but serious mistakes. They neglect the existing audiences listening and declining calls for action.Asking your listeners to do you a favour by sharing your podcasts in place of gratifying them with entertainment is not a bad idea. Also, ask for their feedbacks and then do the needful podcast editing based on their reviews. Ten listeners can assist you in getting a larger number of listeners.

Audience survey

Ask your regular listeners to enlighten you more about your podcast shows. You can ask “how or from what place they found your show?“, “the kinds of topics they enjoy the most” — provide your listeners with a space where they can talk about their opinions. This will help you obtain a keen sight on which platform is profitable for promotion and also get the other’s attention.

Optimization of the website

You can promote your podcasts with a appropriately suited website. Create an about page, contact page, social sharing options, subscribe page, etc. Detail your purpose using the website. Also, flag the ‘reason’ one should engage in your podcasts.

Furthermore, ensure your sites display on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device without flaws. A very concise promo-type ad will also help the audiences to get a previous idea about your shows.

Email newsletter

Some listeners might prefer receiving your content via email. With this in mind, there are good chances of them hoping to hear your podcast. Hence, concentrate on treating this facility as a prospect. You might indulge in your podcast in the weekly newsletter. You can also in this manner, promote a podcast by personally reaching the audience.

Collaborations & cross-promotion

When you know which door to knock, promoting gets easier. You can start by discovering where all your kinds of audience is already frequenting. It is the subject matter that retains audiences for Podcasts. To find them, follow other relevant podcasts. And making this job simple is cross-promo collaborations with other famous podcasters. You can promote them in a wide space through discussing each other’s podcasts and speaking highly of them in your shows.

Visibility through financial support

Approaching podcast promotion with traditional advertisement helps you acquire higher visibility. You can start with financing other podcasts on a vast topic.

Asides that, you can also participate in different forms of charity. However, make sure these actions don’t appear as petty services, but are instead, more like an developing relationship.

Bring up contents for or about others

You can create contents that includes analyzing other services following the partnership angle. You are able to put educational content together for their audiences with guest posts. And as a compensation, you get to link back with your own content.


How engaging your content carries no weight if you fail to get audiences. All updated promotional acts assists a great variety of sectors to reach their audiences. And one of them is the podcast business.

You can reach a robust number of audiences within a short time with accurate promotional ideas and the right podcast editing strategies. Else, you will extend your waiting period if you’re holding on till your podcast starts to get a large listenership by itself.






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