Organically Build Your Twitter Account with these Steps

Upping your social media presence is more crucial than ever with the fast shift to digitization after COVID-19. Twitter with over 300 million everyday users, is a highly great platform for businesses to connect, engage and influence their audience on an impressive scale.

It surpasses making your brand look popular when you want to grow your community on Twitter; it lets you to acquire a better comprehension of your audience and raise trust with potential customers.

When getting your feet off the ground, buying followers may seem like a brilliant idea, but it is a bad method.

It is against Twitter’s Terms of Service and can also result in your account being deleted. Purchasing fake followers can significantly destroy your brand and reputation. Patiently building true followership of engaged users is important and in the long run, will profit your business.

Having not much followers who actively participate with your content is far better than having a robust number of fake followers who never engage with your brand.

Why is Growing Your Twitter Account Is Crucial for Your Marketing Strategy?

In past years, social media marketing has become a firm pillar of a broader marketing strategy. It wouldn’t make sense for brands to not try and target them where they’re already hanging out as scrolling on social media has become a favourite relaxation of numerous people in the world.

The possibility to convert social media users into faithful customers is huge. Twitter is a vital platform for doing this given the focus on communication and engagement it involves.

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter makes headway between consumers and brands on a communication level. There’s something about communicating with a brand using Twitter maybe because of the focus on words over images and videos that feels accessible and prompt.

To acquire success, communication with customers is absolutely important for businesses. It’s one of the best ways to ensure brand loyalty by helping customers trust and raise certainty in your brand and service.

So, how can you organically boost your brand’s Twitter followers? Below are five practical steps to kick off with: 

1) Define Your Target Audience

It is of no use to have a high follower count if your audience doesn’t engage with your content, although it can look impressive. Therefore, defining your target demographic and being aware of your niche is important for raising a community of people who can absolutely assist to build your business.

Analyzing your competitor’s followers and content strategy will get you priceless insight into the kind of people who would be focused on your brand, and the kind of content they mostly participate in. A good place to start is conducting an effective competitor analysis.

It’s also an great way to determine the keywords and hashtags used by both your competitors and target audience when talking about the topic or industry of your brand. You can apply them to your own content and use them to find potential followers and influencers immediately you’ve determined the basic keywords.

2) Maintain Your Brand Identity

What your brand is known for should be stable all over social media channels for your brand to be both famous and unforgettable. Using the same logo, brand voice, and color palette all through your channels will help your target audience know and connect with your brand.

One of the first things that potential customers will observe on your page and around the platform is your profile photo, which is why it needs to distinctly represent your brand. Though there are some industries where a different profile photo might be more fitting, logos are the most common alternatives.

Your header photo should also correspond with your branding and can be used to display anything new related to your brand like a photoshoot or campaign.

Utilise a stable color scheme that matches your brand when sharing visual posts. To rapidly, easily, and successfully make visually clear content, you can seek the help of a design agency.

3) Engage With the Right People

Twitter has to do with making connections, however, it is the specific accounts you engage with that can have an effect on your business.

To engage with Twitter communities concerned with your brand and discover relevant accounts to follow, use hashtags. Use Twitter’s “Who to Follow” feature to find influencers within your industry and like, comment, and share their content.

Engaging with influencers will open them to your brand and open the door to bigger publicity and collaboration possibilities.

Remember that It is not just ok to follow new accounts and use hashtags, you have to be directly communicating with significant accounts to help organically build your Twitter account.






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