How you can get more engagement from your business social media posts

The golden ticket for visibility on social media is engagement. Although engagement has a massive role to play on all platforms, it is right that the processes for each platform are complicated and consider many points of an account or post when determining the number of people to show it to. A post that receives likes, shares, and comments will at all times overtop the one that has no confluence of any kind.

To be realistic, we all have our “Work” and “At Home” voices when interacting with businesses as our business or brand is different, and that’s why Business to Business content can be a little more challenging than consumer-targeted content.

Twitter and Facebook also have a role to play in B2B social media, and you should also remember Instagram specifically if your target customer is a small-business owner.

However, to get the balance right, we need to be cautious about how we post, when we post, and what we post.

When your marketing team crafts posts, the about to be mentioned are worth bearing in mind:

Consistency is vital and iteration is not dangerous 

Maintaining appearances on social media is  good for explaining that you’re ready for customers, and constant sharing is likely to be awarded with a better full profile ranking. Constant posts will help your audience feel more connected with your brand along with feeding the algorithm. If they comprehend your tone of voice and are certain they can match it and won’t be overlooked, they’re more likely to interact with your posts.

Your marketing team doesn’t need to spend hours and hours creating posts and researching content all for the sake of posting daily. Repetition of posts is fine, especially your best performing posts. If you have a smart scheduling tool available

As long as you tailor the words and #s to every platform, you can recover old timeless content, edit it and then once in a blue moon, cycle it through your accounts.

Let posts that didn’t perform very well also have their even share of visibility by re-posting them at the right time. Think of it that they were formerly posted at the wrong time of day, implying only few of your audience viewed the content.

It’s also ok to repeat some important sales messages. If you have a smart scheduling tool, you can preset and change the image that runs through with this content.

Be human

That language and character you’d use offline, use same online. Some parts of human nature is having a sense of humour, sense of compassion, and finding things in common with others. Sharing the odd funny post, relating to homeworking, being delighted about seasonal changes, showing affection and compassion to life issues, work-life balance, or charitable causes will do you no harm. Watch what you share, and be be on the alert for anything that could be offensive to minority groups as well as positive prejudice because political contents can cause divided opinions.

Particularly if relevant to encourage your most loyal community, whatever you can do to support community spirit and understanding is always going to work splendidly. Using National days like National Pet Day to deliver surprise gifts to someone selected on your page is an example of this.

The best kind of content is user generated content 

You’re supporting user generated content whenever you ask your audience to take part in the conversation on your social media accounts. It might be as simple as asking people to recommend their favourite local shop by tagging them in, send compliment to a friend or work-mate, share photos of their workspace, garden, pets, or whatever is fitting to your audience.

You can then create posts that correlate with the audience as a derivative from the content submitted. If someone has posted a superb picture, after taking consent from the person that submitted it, share it to your whole audience and you’ll almost certainly discover that the likes and shares roll in as that person’s friends get elated by their spotlight of 15 minutes.

Charity pages are worth observing to get  motivated notwithstanding what your industry is as there are some large national charities that obviously do everything mentioned above given their understanding and affectionate nature.

On at least a once every three months basis, it’s good practice to have stable content motivation creative meetings with your wider team or marketing agency.






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