Creating a Winning TikTok Ad is Easier than You Think

TikTok is a totally diverse kind of video platform, and so, if you want to create ads that connect with people (as a digital marketing agency), you’re going to need few diverse tactics.

All you need know about making TikTok ads that get results will be covered in this article.

What Makes TikTok Different From Other Video Platforms?

TikTok is a video platform that let’s its users make and share short videos. It belongs to  ByteDance, a Chinese technology company that also owns a news aggregator app, Bytedance; an English learning app, Duoshan; and a news-reading app, Toutiao.

TikTok globally has more than 500 million active users and is accessible in more than 15 languages.

TikTok exploits social media features such as comments and likes as well as being a mobile-first platform where people can watch videos on their mobile devices.

Just like Facebook or Instagram, users can also follow their favorite creators via the app’s “following” feature or add them to their friend list so they can view new content from those TikTok users’ accounts anytime it posts it on the platform.

Are TikTok Ads Good for Your Brand?

The answer is a unmistakable yes. TikTok being the most rapidly growing social network worldwide and also having more than 1 billion monthly active users, makes it one of the most accepted video platforms on earth.

TikTok released its 2019 Global Instagram Report not too long ago which disclosed that TikTok is now the most popular social network among teens and young adults in the world. It has proven a great way for brands to contact young people.

A killer TikTok Ads tactics could be best for your product or service if you want to reach your target customers between ages 13 and 24 on mobile devices.

What Kind Of Ads Does TikTok Offer?

  • Sponsored Stickers.
  • Sponsored Filters.
  • Sponsored Lenses.
  • A great way to contact the right audience on TikTok is through In-Feed sponsored videos, particularly since it has over 100 million monthly active users and most stay hours watching videos on the platform daily.

What Are Some Creative Ad Formats On TikTok?

  • Video: In a manner that gets their attention and keeps them engaged for extra periods of time than text overlays, videos are a great way to share your message with users.
  • Carousel ad: An excellent way to display more than one product or service simultaneously while also showing users more content from your brand is by using numerous photos in one ad.
  • Text overlay: This is the most traditional format and it can be used to display your brand’s personality or highlight any necessary detail about your product or service.

The Audience Demographics Of TikTok

TikTok’s users are young and different, with an average user age of 25, and with 80% being below 35.

There is also a big audience for TikTok in Asia while most users are situated in North America and Europe.

Whether you’re searching for a younger or older market than normal, you’ll be able to locate it on this platform because TikTok interests people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities in relation to demographics.

In What Way Can Brands Track Their Performance On TikTok Ads?

TikTok’s analytics dashboard provides deep awareness into how your ads are doing. You can view the number of views and impressions, alongside vital informations like age and gender analysis.

There’s also a feature that displays which ad format is functioning right for you — video or photo. This can assist you to decide which tactics to concentrate on progressing.

How Do I Create A Winning TikTok Ad?

The Good Marketer recommends the following in order to create a winning TikTok ad:

  • Create a exceptional ad that outshines.

It’s vital to ensure that you’re using tools and techniques that will help you attract attention in people’s feed when you’re creating your TikTok ad. This connotes using lively colors and awe-inspiring imagery, alongside including text that is reasonable and readable, and doesn’t divert from the rest of your content.

  • Ensure your ad is connected with your target audience.

People will probably not click on your advertisement or engage with it at all if it’s something they don’t want, or are not really into. Therefore, make sure that what you’re selling checks with who’s watching.

  • Use good ad copy.

Whether viewers decide to watch your ads or not will be determined by the words you used in them; so make everything about those ads simple and brief!

Try making some puns too if possible — they’ll be more likely than others are when choosing if something is deserving of their time because humor can sometimes go beyond other kinds of communication would have.






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