Companies that Skillfully Utilize Social Media Marketing 

So many social media networks are developing that marketers would be sensible to consider. These new networks allow digital marketers to interact better with their target audiences. For instance, TikTok claims the top spot in the global all download charts because it acquires eight new users per second.

Other evolving platforms like Twitch and Discord, are getting very popular, making them potential tools to add in your marketing strategy. These platforms concentrate on diverse niches and are advantageous for targeted audiences, though they may have a somewhat smaller user base. These two networks have wide communities of online gamers for example.

Engaging your audience and capturing their attention is a must irrespective of which network you select.

Now we will be talking about five modern campaigns useful for inspiration when marketing your brand.

  • TikTok’s Re: Make campaign

TikTok provoked its community to reason the most unforgettable advertisements in latest history and make their versions of the ads for its Re: Make campaign in July 2021. Turning iconic commercials into TikTok short was the idea.

people taking part in Tik Tok's re:make campaign


Skittles, Snickers, and Old Spice were the first brands to participate in the Re: Make initiative. It was a great way for TikTok to remain connected with successful companies like these and get them to engage in future Re: Make campaigns. It also increased participation and brought about tons of user-generated content. TikTok released the campaign and allowed its users keep up.

Asides being a network for new-age content, Tiktok becoming a creative center to reanalyse the ’90s and 2000s memory was the genius behind Re: Make.

And because it joined the familiarity of growing up with an increasingly well known application like TikTok, this campaign was successful. This explains that recycled contents can still have a huge influence.

  • Coca-Cola’s metaverse campaign

The metaverse is a digital space where people can communicate, play, socialise, and work. So companies, such as Meta (initially called Facebook), extremely invest in growing the metaverse.

Coca-Cola has exploited this rampaging interest in the metaverse, particularly by its younger customers, to release a “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte,” which will “bring the flavor of pixels to life.” Before being accessible in stores, this drink will be released in the metaverse.

The creative marketing idea is satisfyingly efficient as revenue per launch has raised by 30% and gross profit per launch by 25%, unlike previous years.

Coca-Cola’s campaign shows that tech will always play an important role in creative marketing techniques. Coca-Cola has effectively put tech, creativity, marketing, and product development together to boost its campaigns returns by using disruptive technology and catering to the needs of its Gen Y customers.

  • Anhueser-Busch’s “Let’s Grab A Beer” by Wieden+Kennedy

American brewing company Anheuser-Busch came together in 2021 to create the wonderful “Let’s Grab A Beer” campaign with David Fincher, an Academy Award-winning director, and Atticus Ross, a musician.

This ad makes an unrealistic reality in which consumers associate the product with positive attitude.

At the 2021 Super Bowl, the ad publicised, and Anheuser-Busch continued to build on the initial win of its campaign by including an appeal via its partnership with the White House, gifting free beers to those who got vaccinated. This also allowed them simultaneously share user-generated content from social media.

This campaign puts together the festive vibe of the Super Bowl, the shared and common experience, user-generated content, and famous actors. Using the free issuance of its product and user-generated content, this creation of a collaborative and promising future made this campaign a sudden achievement.

  • Starbucks’ in-store reinforced reality experience

The first Starbucks to offer a reinforced reality (AR) experience in its outlet is a Starbucks outlet in Shanghai. Customers have to download an app that allows them get this experience. They can point their phones at vital features around the roaster, such as the cask, which will show the latest information, acting as a tour guide. Customers can check out the space and collect virtual badges. The customers get a custom roastery social media filter to share immediately after they order all.

Senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Starbucks China, Emily Chang, said

“We wanted to create a completely new brand experience for our customers. Coffee is already such a deeply sensorial experience, even before the first sip: from hearing the unmistakable sound of beans being freshly ground to inhaling that rich aroma and sipping your perfect blend, brewed just right. We wanted to take that customer experience even further.”

This campaign changes an apparently daily experience into an exclusive and mesmerizing experience. You can create a campaign efficient enough to assist the growth of your business by exploiting trendy technology and the originality of your product.

  • LEGO’s Rebuild the World campaign by BETC

LEGO’s Rebuild the World campaign by BETC


The “Damp Knight” which is the 2021 replication of the company’s Rebuild the World campaign, concentrates on creativity in children – it acknowledges children as professionals in creative critical thinking. The commercial shows what can be attained when individuals come together to find solutions to problems and conquer issues.

The ad follows a classic template: make the audience identify with the Damp Knight (the protagonist), trying to cross the river to see his friend, the bear. However, when people of different occupations unite using their diverse skills to assist the knight, the conflict is finally settled.

It tells that it can still be efficient depending on the context of your product, though this campaign uses a rather traditional story. Consequently, LEGO was able to sell to both children and adults on social media and by 27%, grow its overall revenue.

Brands ought to acknowledge social media

Brands can use social media to their favor by releasing technologically improved products and following digital developments as the lines between real-life and virtual ownership continue to blur.

It aids the capability of a company to remain significant and interact with customers who have already met these new trends.






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