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  • Useful Guidelines on Facebook Ads Optimization for Growth

    People who daily use Facebook are around 1.62 million in number. This makes Facebook ads one of the most effective ways to boost your business as it gives you access to numerous promising customers for your business making. But, it’s only when you set up and optimize Facebook ads properly that they turn out to […]

  • Using Niche Social Media Influencers To Grow Your Brand

    Nowadays, consumers want to trust companies and products, and they are game for that if only they have knowledge of the people marketing to them. Marketing is now about the individual and this makes the niche social media influencers more essential than ever. This is nothing obscure because oral communication was the initial marketing strategy […]

  • Creating a Winning TikTok Ad is Easier than You Think

    TikTok is a totally diverse kind of video platform, and so, if you want to create ads that connect with people (as a digital marketing agency), you’re going to need few diverse tactics. All you need know about making TikTok ads that get results will be covered in this article. What Makes TikTok Different From […]

  • What the Most Recent Instagram Algorithm Update Connotes for Your Business

    Instagram is an influential marketing platform. Whether it’s going to a website, following the brand on the platform, or directly buying something, after viewing an Instagram post, around 75% of users take some sort of action. It’s becoming difficult for companies to use Instagram as a cost-effective marketing tool in spite of it’s ability to […]

  • Social Media Trends Affecting Marketing This Year

    There have been major shifts in marketing practices over the years, although, brands have been using social media to advertise their products and services for over two decades. New developments are on marketer’s neck to always update their tactics. In a conference, the global head of market insights at market research company NetBase Quid, Mike […]

  • Is your Digital strategy streamlined for Gen Z young adults?

    It’s high time you upgrade your mental image if all you see when you think of young adults is a group of Gen Ys battering between FOMO and YOLO. Young adults today are part of the generation coming up behind Millennials — Gen Z. Hence, other than the YOLO group, they have dissimilar behaviors, attitudes […]

  • Personalizing your Brand on LinkedIn…How?

    One of the best platforms to build up your brand’s network is LinkedIn. And that’s the reason lots of companies are investing in influencers to personalize their cooperations within the program. But, it can be hard to stay competitive with so many brands contending for audience cognizance. CRO of sales engagement platform Vanilla Soft, Darryl […]

  • Organically Build Your Twitter Account with these Steps

    Upping your social media presence is more crucial than ever with the fast shift to digitization after COVID-19. Twitter with over 300 million everyday users, is a highly great platform for businesses to connect, engage and influence their audience on an impressive scale. It surpasses making your brand look popular when you want to grow […]

  • How you can get more engagement from your business social media posts

    The golden ticket for visibility on social media is engagement. Although engagement has a massive role to play on all platforms, it is right that the processes for each platform are complicated and consider many points of an account or post when determining the number of people to show it to. A post that receives […]

  • Guide on How to Pick the Name that Best Suits your App

    Wanna make a fortune? Only developing an application for your mobile app idea is unsatisfactory. So as to raise the number of downloads, it’s important you give it a captivating name that can be quickly memorised by the potential audience. Do you think “Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty” sounds as sensational as “Nicki Minaj”? Or “Adolf Dassler” […]

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